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Mixman develops compelling yet easy-to-use interactive music products that allow fans of music to have fun and “touch the music they love”. Mixman is an interactive song platform that enables a powerful artist-to-fan connection. Users of Mixman apps get to perform in real-time and create remixes of songs from real artists, dj’s and producers.


Mixman Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Josh Gabriel (Gabriel & Dresden) and Eric Almgren (CEO Keyssa). The mission was to create easy to use interactive music software and hardware aimed at the Hip-Hop, Electronica, Rock and Dance communities. in 1996, Mixman released the first interactive CD-Rom that allowed music fans to perform in real-time with zero-latency and utilizing auto-beat matching. With patented synchronous technology and a flexible proprietary audio format, Mixman’s software continued to evolve to maximize creativity for music enthusiasts.

Mixman has also been a leading innovator online and with regard to self-publishing and fan-communities for users of Mixman launching Mixman Radio and the My Mixzone in the late 90’s.

Mixman eMixes were online remixable and sharable interactive music songs with artists spanning David Bowie, New Order and Smash Mouth — to — LL Cool J, Roni Size, Aphrodite and J-Lo.

Mixman collaborated with Mattel, Inc. to create the DM2 and later partnered with Digital Blue to create MP3 Producer and Mixman LoopStudio which included a dedicated USB hardware controller. Mixman worked with Zero-G and other producers to create a line of Sample Libraries in Mixman format.

Major software product releases include Mixman Studio, Mixman StudioPro, and Mixman StudioXPro from 1997-2005 and Mixman Spin Control and Mixman Loop10 with partner Intel in 2012-2013.

The Mixman Brand is widely recognized and has been sought out for association. If it’s Mixman-branded, “it sounds great”, “it’s easy to use” “it’s powerful” and “it’s fun!” Tens of Millions of impressions of the distinctive Mixman DJ-Head logo have been captured and millions of people have touched a “Mixman Experience” on or offline. Mixman has been bundled with magazines, Sound Cards, CD burners, PCs, ECDs and localized in to many languages including EFIGS, Japanese and has been distributed with partners in Japan, Germany, Spain, France, UK, Australia and South Africa.

Mixman has partnered with many other businesses and music related entities including:

Intel, Mattel, Creative Labs, Sony, Steinberg, Zero-G, MTV, M&M Mars, SoBe (Frito Lay), Sprite, Heineken, Remix Magazine, Revolution Magazine, XLR8R Magazine, LA DJ the Movie, Dell, ESS , V2 Records, Tommy Boy Records, Levi Silver Tabs, Doc Marten, Warner Records, OM Records, Hershey’s Jolly Ranchers, SCION, and many more – with software bundles, ECDs, tours, web and other activities.

Mixman has also been found in the classroom, and has been used extensively in educational settings. Mixman has donated products and assisted with programs including The Miracles Foundation, Boys and Girls Clubs, ZEUM Technology Museum and many other institutions in the US and Canada.

Mixman was closely partnered with Intel in 2012 and 2013 creating new releases for Win7 and Win8 that were optimized for Intel processors, and offered exclusively on the Intel App-Up Store. Mixman Loop10 for AAIO devices with 10 point touch screen input was released in 2013.

Mixman is currently developing it’s first mobile App and platform for iOS and Android and will be announcing new partnerships includng with labels and artists.

Mixman is a privately held Delaware Corporation and run by it’s 3 principal shareholders.

Eric Almgren, CEO 1994-1999, Chariman

Josh Gabriel, Inventor, CEO 2014-2016, Director

Richard Appelbaum, CEO 2002-2014, Director