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FAQ → Loop10™

Mixman Loop10™ is a Windows 8, classic desktop App specially optimized for 10 point-multi-touch.

It will work on ANY Win8 system and with any touch-screen. It supports 1 2 and 4 player mode.

Mixman Loop10 has been designed to really simplify the user-experience.

Launch the App
Choose 1, 2 or 4 players (you can change later)
Select a Song
Choose “Free Play” or “Record”
Start Remixing!

Click the “ ? “ symbol in the Control Room in Loop10 to see a series of explanations and Help Screens. They identify each control and explain how it works.

*It’s very easy though if you are familiar with touch-screens. Slide, tap, hold ... It won’t take long to figure things out.

Loop10 has “lockable” loops, and “manual trigger” loops.

Manual trigger loops behave better when tapped manually. Lockable can be held manually or locked.

Pretty much. There is a touch screen button for choosing Auto-WARP. There is a touch-screen button to select different WARP preset FX. There is a scrolling area in the WARP settings that allow you to adjust the Auto-WARP shape and Length. There is a touch screen button to choose Last or All for WARP FX processing – meaning WARP all the sounds playing or just the last one you touched.

Once you have something going, you can store a snapshot of the state at the moment. Slide the + sign in to any of the 3 sections of the perimeter and notice it will highlight the color. Once the snapshot is created, just tap it to trigger it.

Check the Mixman website and Facebook page for additional songs that you can add to Loop10. Some will be free, some you must pay-for. If there are certain songs, artists or record labels you would like to see offering Mixman interactive songs – let them know! And let us know your favorite styles!

Mixman is in discussions with artists, producers, labels and management to continue to grow the library.

Mixman Loop10 highlights the “touch-screen”. It also highlights the “live performance” aspect of Mixman. It is especially designed to allow anyone to remix interactive songs in Mixman format. (For all the production features of Mixman, you need Mixman Spin Control.)

You can use “Free Play” mode to get the hang of it.
You can use “Record” mode to make 3, 5 and 7 minute remixes.

When you are ready, you can Listen and then Share your creations on FB or Mixman Radio.