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FAQ → Older Versions & General Questions

Check the Support page for details. In general, we offer limited email support. We will always try to get back to people with general questions, or questions about what Mixman can and can’t do. For detailed tech support, you must be registered with Mixman. Full support is for paying customers. We will do our best, as quickly as we can to help you out.

No. Older versions of Mixman were created for different versions of Windows. Some go back as far as Windows 3.1, Win95, WinME, Win98, and WinXP. These Mixman products were made between 1996-2005.


Mixman is no longer shipping physical products in a box or CD/DVD-rom.

Current Products include:

Mixman Spin Control™ is for Win7 **
Mixman Loop10™ is for Win8

** (Spin Control will be sold in the future from and will install and operate correctly on Win8)

Unfortunately, at the moment you can’t. Mixman originally developed the USB Controller for DM2 with Mattel. Some changes would need to be developed to update the controller and make it compatible with Win7 or Win8. Do not attempt to run the controller or install it on any Windows operating system past WinXP!

We have been getting a lot of feedback from people asking for this, and we are looking in to it. If you have the USB Controller and would like to use it with our new App for Win7, you can send that feedback via our Contact page or on the Mixman Facebook page.

Many people including various hackers and programmers have written their own software to allow the Mixman DM2 USB Controller to become an input device for their own purposes. These are all unauthorized uses of Mixman Technologies, Inc. intellectual property and we have not given our permission to anyone to do this. We have no connection at this time to anyone “hacking” into our controller.

No, currently Mixman Spin Control supports Mixman TRK, PC WAV files, and REX files. Mixman Loop10, loads songs and doesn’t support loading tracks one at a time.


You must use Mixman Spin Control to “load” in sounds one-by-one.

MP3s will not load at this time, and it is not recommended that you try to load a full linear file of a song in to Mixman. The results will not be what you expect.

Mixman is for sample-based audio loops, and while they can be long files — generally they are not super long and not entire linear songs which are also a composite of all the sound sources in a song. Mixman is designed for separate sounds being controlled.

Mixman songs are interactive versions of songs. Varying musical elements have been separated and organized so that you can perform and create your own musical creations and perform real-time remixes.

The Track Maker Studio in Mixman allows you to load up to 8 source wav samples and create patterns and sequences that can be saved out as TRK files. You may then Load those TRK files in to Mixman Spin Control and save them as part of a .MIX file.

If you load (we recommend small/shorter sounds) Wav files in to Mixman, you can use the Mix to TRK Export feature. This is an advanced power move and we recommend you check for a future How To Video that demonstrates how to create a Mix and then Export it to a TRK and then load the TRK back in to Mixman.

TRK files or “track files” are Mixman’s own format for storing sample based loops. TRK files are similar to Rex files, and they are like containers or wrappers that can have from 1 to 127 samples embedded within them. TRK files are more responsive to your live triggering and have a variety of settings to give you a better feel when you are performing Remixes in Mixman. They also allow for auto-beat matching. You may load a TRK with a fast BPM (beats per minute/tempo) and combine it with a TRK with a slower BPM and they will automatically work together.

We recommend that you are very careful about manually adjusting where data lives. Win7 has certain ways it wants Apps to do things now. Mixman Tracks, Mixes, Exports, Wav, My Samples, My Tracks, etc... All live in under Program Data/Mixman Technologies.

If you want to move over older Mix and TRK files you will find the Tracks and Mixes folder in that location.

When you install new Songs, that is where they will install to.

There has been a promotion running and still ongoing (as of Summer 2013) that offers a promo code to get Mixman Spin Control for Free from Intel on their Intel AppUp Store. This offer is being delivered to anyone who is in our e-mail list. If you are not receiving this offer – and think you are in our e-mail list – then check your spam/junk folder and make sure Mixman is not viewed as spam to your e-mail. If you are not in the e-mail list from Mixman, then you can register with and you will be added.

As well, the Mixman App (Free Version) is available here at, you must register on the website first, and then you can download and install the Free version and there is no time limit. You can also install Free Songs to add to your library.

YES. Mixman is working with small, medium and major record labels to get songs. These will be the Mixman-enabled interactive versions of Songs for use with the Mixman Apps.

We hope to bring back some of the old classics we’ve offered in the past including Vintage D-Plates from the Deep Mixman Archive and Mixman Singles.

Yes. Use the contact form to contact us. Provide some info about your music, your band or who you are, if you have any links to your presence on the web. We’ll get back to you.

No. Some are free and some are not. Artists, Bands and labels set the price for their songs, but generally we try to keep songs around $.99-$3.99.

Right now, all songs on Mixman Radio are chosen by our selectors. In the future, we will have auto-submissions and user-voting to rank user creations.

Yes, we will be offering videos for advanced power moves as soon as possible.

Mixman currently offers Mixman Spin Control for Win7 and Mixman Loop10 for Win8. Mixman is developing new Apps for iOS, Android Windows Mobile and other platforms. We have been inviting Mixman heads via our e-mail to participate in beta-testing, and feedback forums which we will be implementing soon. If you are interested in participating, send us an e-mail.

Use the contact form on and let us know what’s happening? Registration requires that you provide us a valid email address and then you will receive an e-mail from us with a link that you must click on to verify and finalize the registration. Be careful to check all your spam and junk folders.

Mixman was not designed that way since a song in Mixman is not one file but made of many elements that you perform your own way.

* We are looking into continuous song load and load on-the-fly in future versions of Mixman or with updates to Spin Control and Loop10. Mixman for mobile like iOS and Android WILL have continuous music playing.

Absolutely. We will be posting some feedback forms in the future. In the meantime, if there is a feature you’d like to see, or some things you’d like to see from Mixman, just use the contact form.

Mixman is designed for FUN! Mixman does not require musical training, advanced audio skills, and allows anyone to have fun making music. It turns your PC into an instrument. Mixman Spin Control does offer some real pro features that can be quite useful. Many people have used Mixman over the years to help with a project they cared about. It’s very easy and fast to do certain things in Mixman.

A reviewer for Remix Magazine, once described Mixman as a “swiss army knife”, that was handy for a Pro to have around the studio.

Our focus now at Mixman is making entertaining interactive music experiences that allow people to have fun interacting with Songs in various styles and from artists and bands they are interested in.

Mixman Spin Control has many more production features and features for creating original music.

Mixman Loop10, is focused on real-time performance and remixing.

Not as this time. Let us know if you’d like us to offer gear again!

Not at this time. It is possible that Mixman will do future versions with language support.

Mixman is exploring language support for Mixman Loop10.