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Product Support for the Mixman App and Songs

We recommend that you take a look at the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). The FAQ has key information that may help you solve problems or answer questions or direct you on how further to contact us if that is required.

Mixman does not provide phone support. We do provide limited e-mail support. To receive e-mail support you must be registered with the Mixman website. If you have purchased a product or downloaded a free product from, you had to register already. If not, you will need to register. We only require a valid e-mail and you must create a password. Then you will have to “activate” your registration from the e-mail account you provided.

All older products of Mixman that ran on Windows 3.1, Win 95, 98, ME, XP are no longer officially supported. We believe those products will continue to work on the older systems they were developed to work on. As well, the P-Mix USB controller and the DM2 USB Controller are not currently supported and will not operate on Windows 7 / Windows 8 Operating System. Soundiscs™, D-Plates™/Mixman Singles™ are no longer supported products.

*Note – we believe that all older Mixman Mixes and Tracks should load in to the current Mixman App however older installers may not work properly under Win7/Win8. You can manually copy your older Mixes and Tracks to any new installations of the Mixman App. (see the FAQ for more details)

Earlier versions of Radio Mixman™ and Mixman Radio™ that supported RealAudio are no longer available and supported.

Licensing Agreements

It’s important for you to understand the terms that govern your use of Mixman software, and the audio samples imbedded in Mixman .TRK, WAV, REX, SNG files. Click here to see the Mixman App EULA and click here to read the section on Copyrights with regard to recording and publishing rights and Songs and sounds that create them.